This is how you cancel your Avg Subscription

In this guide we’ll show you the way to cancel your current AVG subscription and justify a number of the aspects you have got to watch out for.

If you have got purchased your current AVG product via (or different official webstore), then it’s seemingly your subscription has associate “automatic renewal” standing i.e. your subscription are going to be mechanically revived annually and you’ll be beaked the total value of the AVG product. AVG can bill you fifteen days before the beginning of subsequent subscription amount. typically AVG can send you a notification email informing you regarding the future  automatic extension forty five days before the beginning of this subscription amount. Canceling your subscription won’t refund your current AVG subscription, and you’ll be able to continue victimisation AVG till your current subscription amount expires.

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There are 2 ways in which to cancel your current AVG subscription.

A. you’ll be able to click on the cancellation link within the email you received in your original purchase confirmation email.

B. To access your AVG MyAccount and cancel your subscription from here.

Cancel subscription via the notification email

  • Open your original purchase confirmation email.
  • Click the link within the email that describes a way to cancel your subscription.
  • In some regions you’ll be directed to a web site after you click on the link, click affirmative on this confirmation page. you’ll receive associate email with the topic “AVG Subscription cancellation request”. Click the confirmation link within the email to finish the cancellation of your subscription.
  • In different regions, this link can open a web site page with associate Unsubscribe link. Click on Unsubscribe on the confirmation page and your cancellation are going to be complete.

Cancel your subscription via AVG MyAccount

In order to cancel your subscription from the AVG MyAccount, please follow these steps:

  • Please click this link to the AVG MyAccount login page. Insert your email address and arcanum.
  • when you have got logged in access “My Subscriptions”.
  • Click on the link “Cancel Subscription”.
  • ensure that you simply would like to cancel your subscription.
  • The extension for subsequent amount can currently be off and you’ll not be beakedany.

Can I request a refund for associate mechanically extended subscription?

Yes, you’ll be able to request a refund, if your subscription was mechanically extended, how ever you are doing not would like to continue victimisation the merchandise.

  • 1. Please click this link to AVG Support Sales
  • 2. Click on the link “Request a refund”.
  • 3. currently follow the directions and submit the shape to finish your request for a refund.

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